Charlie Chaplin

Charles Spencer Chaplin was born on April 16 at 1889 in Walworth, London. His childhood similar with Charles Dickens novel, because Chaplin live under destitution with his brother, Sydney. His parents are hall musicians. They divorce when Chaplin was vey young. His mother attacked mental disruption illness and her turn into psyche hospital. Although his father is a famous musician, Chaplin’s idol is his mother. When he was young, Chaplin often watches his mother performance. These experiences make him decide his live become an artists like her mother. To reach his goal, Chaplin join with Eight Lancashire Lads group. Then, Chaplin gets his performance at Sherlock Holmes and Casey’s Court Circus.

Meanwhile, his brother, Sydney has joined with famous Fred Karno Company and soon, become main actor and director. He success invite Chaplin to joined and together, Chaplin become a star in that group. For that brothers, Fred Karno Company is a comedian high school. This period have a big impact to Charlie Chaplin to face the future. At 1910, together with Fred Karno Company, Chaplin organize a circumference performance around USA and that it again at 1912.

His second performance in Fred Karno Company, Chaplin founded by seeker talent, Mack Sennett. He is a Keystone Film Company owner. With this company, Charlie Chaplin introduced to movies world. His first film is a Makin A living at 1914, director by Henry Lehrman. Together with his film director, Mabel Normand, Chaplin makes many performances in Keystone Production. At Twenty Minutes of Love movie, he directs his own film. At that moment, he always directs his own next film.

His popularity make him able move to many film company with better contract. At 1915, after creates 35 films, he move to Essanay. Here, he solidifies his career together with long-lasting major artist at his film, such as Edna Purviance. At that moment, he create many protrude film, include The Champion, The Tramp and The Bank.

At 1916, he moves again to Lone Star Mutual and get better contract and higher payment. Here, he create short comedy film and then known as it peculiarity, The Rink, Easy Street, The Cure and The Immigrant, and then continue with First National and create a long film which become his masterpiece, The Kid. He create some short famous comedy film is his next production, included Sunnyside and The Idle Class.

Together with his best friend, like Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, and D.W Griffith, Chaplin created United Artist at 1919. His first film to this company at 1923 is Woman of Paris performed by Edna Purviance. Maybe this film not too famous, but after this film, The Gold Rush, The Circus, City Light and Modern Times was born and known as Charlie Chaplin Classics. At 1940, Chaplin make his first sound film, The Great Director, and continue with Monsieur Verdoux and Limelight, a his childhood memory in music hall film. Limelight (1952) is a last film in America. McCarthy politic maneuver success extrudes him out of America and not back again until 1972 for obtain Academy Award (Oscar) for his serve to film world.

During that, he welcomed well in England. He live in Switzerland together with his wife, Oona O’Neil and his children. He create 2 more film, A king In New York (1957 together with Dawn Addams) and A Countess From Hong Kong (1967 with Sophia Loren and Marlon Brando). He spend his live with create a music to his film and enjoy live with his family before died at 4 A.M in Christmas 1977.



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