The Truth About Behaviour, Emotions and Emotional Intelligence

After over 10 years in studying human behaviour from the psychological and the sociological perspectives in detail I am left with only one conclusion and that is that human behaviour is not governed by the cognitive functioning domain, but human behavior is governed by the inner soul of man, which technically speaking means the Inner Interactive System of man. The main reason that we are not governed by our thinking is because each of us have the ability to choose, whatever we want unless we take away the ability to rationalize through different chemicals or drugs.

Proof of this lies in the scientific facts that we all have unique finger prints, DNA, looks, hair, voices and so many other unique features that makes evolution of a unique person impossible, especially due to the number of different molecules and atoms that have to come together; all at the same time in order to become functional. We cannot have man evolving piece by piece over millions of years. Man cannot live for more than 50 days without food and less than 6 days without water. So the whole inner system of man to come together and function holistically with some big bang theory and evolving over millions of years is totally impossible.

Lets now get back to emotions and emotional functioning. The fact that man is uniquely different makes him a very illusive creature to pin down and understand his behavior. It is fairly simple to understand the holistic make up of man scientifically and the medical sciences have proved to be fairly proficient in these areas. The illusive part of man is the way he thinks and behaves; this is most challenging to the sciences and thereby makes it totally impossible to create a social norm or a normal individual.

Behavior and the expression thereof is totally different in every single individual. To be able to rationalize human behavior, we need to look at the holistic person; as every individuals finger print, DNA, looks etc are all different in every scenario. Behavior is therefore the illusive part of the psychological discipline as it is the psychologist who claim to be the experts in this field.

I have found that many of them become both insulting and aggressive; when I pointed out the fact and proved to them that they are lacking the understanding of the word unique. If something is unique it is impossible to ever be normal. The whole psychological discipline is based on Social norms. Behavior can never be diagnosed as normal, however people could have numerous similarities and I think the impossibility of being normal is an embarrassment to the psychological fraternities doctrine, as science has proven the exact opposite.

Although Psychology has marketed themselves under the medical sciences, their degree is not a science degree it is an arts degree. Behavior can never be a science as there are no starting points or ending point for it to be classified as a science; as everyone's behavior in the same environment or different environments are completely different to each other.

How a person behaves is not necessarily what he feels and what he feels can only be expressed through an emotion or emotional functioning if you please. So emotions are secondary to the cause of the emotion. So how does one come to a rational discipline called Emotional Intelligence? The only rationality that would make any sense, is if one uses a social norm as a standard from which the emotional intelligence can be established from?

However, what you feel is often not necessarily expressed at all, but only expressed to the extent that a person wants to portray themselves through an emotional expression or reaction, meaning that the expression of the inner feeling through emotions cannot be relied upon when trying to understand peoples behavior. This is why we have introverts and extroverts. These people are labeled due to their intensity of expression, and not on their true inner picture or feelings. This creates false perceptions.

The big question then would be: Do we understand what we mean when we talk about "The Mind"; which in reality is made up of the Cognitive, Physical, Emotional and the Conative (Will Power) functioning holistically all in harmony with each other, but with different functioning purposes all under the control of self, mostly expressed as "me" or "I"? The truth is we have so many different theories about human functioning; that the most predominant whom marketed their theories very effectively was Psychiatry and Psychology. The point is that these are Psychological theories and not a science and can never be a science although marketed under the pretence that it is a science.

The original intentions of psychologist was to study mans holistic behaviour, but sadly the industry has lost the initial understanding and have focussed more on the cognitive functioning of man. Now although psychiatry has been the best at marketing the theory, they definitely have lost the plot by focusing on the thinking (cognitive functioning) of man. You will hear that they claim that the mental aspect of man (Cognitive) is predominant and whereby they have reversed the process intentionally. I know there is a hidden agenda behind their theory.

Their discipline was changed in 1961 and thereafter they concentrate on the mental aspect and the name mental was adopted and marketed to mean that the cognitive functioning was the controlling factor in human behavior. Well it is very easy to prove that is a myth and totally untrue. It does not matter what I am thinking I still have a power called Free Choice which is based on what my belief system are and those beliefs, likes and dislikes are called personal standards. So if I believe that I should have integrity and honesty I would choose to do be honest by behaving and doing the right thing.

Depending on the intensity of importance of a belief or construct, this would determine what we would choose to do, as there are millions of different thought processes that go on in our Brain or Cognitive function every day, but ultimately the choice rests on our personal values and not the cognitive functioning. Some of these "experts" have focussed their attention on emotions and called their discipline "Emotional Intelligence" meaning that they perceive that emotions can be used to quantify or understand behavior.

Now let us analyze the word "Mind" and what does it mean: This is one true definitions and it is pretty well-defined and fairly descriptive: safe to say it has been misconstrued and been misinterpreted intentionally in order to market false doctrine;... anyway here is the true definition: "Mind" - "The human consciousness that originates in the brain and is manifested especially in thought, perception, emotion, will, memory, and imagination" - http://www.thefreedictionary.com/mind.

The definition includes all parts of the holistic functioning which are: Cognitive Functioning, Emotional functioning, Conative functioning (Will Power) and Physical functioning (Behavior). Please notice that consciousness originates in the brain because it is the organ that gives us the ability to rationalize and reason information effectively. However, when one talks about the mind it should mean the holistic functioning or behavior of man.

There is a lot of confusion here, because the decision-making process is done within the Soul called (Me, I, My, Self,) The brain rationalizes information and allows us to reasons effectively, but the fact remains that "I" still have the ability to act upon that information through the choices I make. So if "I" use "My" ability and choose to do something then it is plain logic that my behavior is governed by "Me" and not the brain. So if "I" say that "I" have made up my mind then one must understand that "I" have chosen a certain option which my brain may or may not agree with.

Therefore, the theory that I am governed by my thoughts is not true, I am governed by my belief system between what is right or wrong, good or bad, likes and dislikes. These beliefs are called Personal Values, and these personal values sets the standard whereby "I" would make different choices or decisions. So the brain and the soul interact with each other. If I believe something to be right I would choose what I believe to be right or wrong resulting in my "Behavior" and that behavior is expressed through my emotions. I therefore express my inner feelings or reactions through emotions.

Man has a unique tool called "Conative functioning" meaning the power to over rule the emotional, cognitive and physical functioning and this behavior is commonly known as "Will Power" often described as perseverance ability. Therefore the mind is not only been falsely perceived as solely "cognitive" functioning, instead of the "holistic functioning" of a person which needs to be clearly differentiated from the present perceptions or understanding that has been portrayed through the psychological theory as Cognitive or mental behavior.


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