Culture As a Neuropsychological Phenomenon - Knowledge and the Formation of Sub-Modular Brain Areas

The primary benefits of knowledge are not only in the ability to know how the physical reality functions. It is a part of the benefits, but for the brains, the effect of the exposure to knowledge is in the creation of sub-modular brain areas. With the creation of sub-modular brain areas, the brains become able to interpret the reality in accordance with the knowledge the connections are made with.

What is known of the reality is a neurological phenomenon. What is known of the reality is at the core of producing the contents to the representational reality. As objects such as stones or walls do not contain knowledge in themselves, the qualities are given to them by the subconscious, and so, by the neurology of the brain. The cosmos is the same between different time periods of human existence, but the content given to it in the level of knowledge fabricate the same reality to be different. The extending capacity through knowledge exceeds also to that how the brains will organize the life that is lived. They open the ability to see choices that were impossible to be seen before our time. And by extending the known, the reality of the known is expanded.Knowledge extends the human nature by altering the innate neurological structure of the brains. The extending qualities of knowledge create a potential capacity of what an individual as well as humanity can become. The history serves in this as an example, showing actualizations of what knowledge has shaped the humanity to become. Yet, because of the causal continuation and the exceeding cultural continuum, these realities of the known will never return as the innate nature will be shaped by different type of knowledge. As the causal history accumulates, and leads to the emergence of the present in effect, the events of the past cannot form to be our reality.

The sub-modular brain areas connected and created by knowledge and experience are the primary causes for the existence of the variety of cultures that now exist in this realm. The causal continuance of world's events and the cultural continuum feed the creation of sub-modular brain areas. The scope of what the post-innate nature of humanity can be fashioned to be with knowledge is what separates us from other animals so significantly. It is our greatest advantage, but also, what can turn our species against itself in apocalyptic proportions. And yet, we are driven by mere knowledge, combined with cultural continuum and causal continuance of the world's events.


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