History And Causes Of Environmental Pollution

The surroundings in which we live all living and non living materials are called our environment. The factors or pollutants which cause disturbance in natural environment are called pollution. Ecosystem (The natural process of producers and consumers) is destroyed due to some harmful human activities is called Pollution.

Pollution is a kind of harmful effect of the excess use of chemicals and energy resources like heat, light, sound etc.


The pollution history is as old as the history of man when he developed new era for existing and maintaining new lines of fulfillment of his needs. Human science starts when man invented wheel and fire. Gradually the human population increased and to improve the life, science developed.

Increase of scientific inventions and to get comforts produce many issues in which pollution became popular and burning issue. In 1952, after 2nd World War a non nuclear event taken place and four thousand people killed. Then the first clean air Act of 1956 passed. After that many acts are passed to check the pollution on international level as

    * Noise control Act.
    * Clean Water Act.
    * National Environmental Policy Act.

The most dangerous Aspect of Modern Science.

Nuclear science development introduced the term of radio-activeness, the uncontrolled destruction of items of uranium is the most dangerous aspect for all kind of lives on the earth. This nuclear pollution can destroy the whole world in seconds.


Due to the excess use of energy resources and establishment of industry are the main causes of pollution. After 2nd world war people aware about the negative use of scientific of inventions. Then modern scientists give the term of global warming and ozone layer.

Through media and the progress in information technology now people are much more aware about their environment and threat of pollution. Now many organizations have been developed and many international rules are being enforced to check environmental pollution.

Kinds of Pollution

Basically there are three kinds of pollution.

1. Air Pollution
2. Water Pollution
3. Land Pollution

Air Pollution:

The excess release of chemicals and smoke in the air through industry and vehicles make more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which is the major cause of Global Warming and the destruction of Ozone Layer. These increase the temperature of Earth.

Water Pollution:

Industries use a plenty of water so these establish mostly on the banks of rivers, canals and lakes. The waste chemical throw in the water which make a layer on water, this layer not allow oxygen to dissolve in water to reach the living organisms in water. This water is not suitable to use in any kind of activity for living things.

Land Pollution:

To fulfill the nutrition needs of increasing population we have to use fertilizers and pesticides. These things polluted the soil. Secondly when air is polluted and water is polluted these produce acid rain this water absorbs in the soil and left harmful chemicals on the land which cause land pollution.

It is our moral duty to keep our environment neat and clean and save this world from any kind of pollution.


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