Innovative Training Techniques - Changing The Face Of Professional Education

"I hear and I forget. I see and I believe. I do and I understand."

These words by Confucius truly hold their significance in context of the growing need for the new innovative teaching techniques in present day education. Advancements in information and communication technology across the world have radically altered the way students and faculty interacts. Teaching no longer remains a one-sided dictation; rather it is becoming highly interactive these days where both the students and the teachers participate at an equal level.

The use of innovative training methods is largely applicable especially in the sphere of professional education such as that of MBA. Internet, handheld computers, digital cameras and other such multimedia means have revolutionized the world of professional education. MBA i.e. Master of Business Administration is in demand like never before. It is becoming one of the fastest growing professional courses across the globe. Keeping in view its global requirements and in order to make the students capable of adapting to this challenging field, the need for applying innovating teaching aids in the MBA programs, multiplies.

Besides the theoretical teaching, various other techniques such as case-study methods, discussions, learning labs, role-play method and other team-based projects are fast gaining importance. Also, most of the contemporary MBA programs thrive to encourage the spirit of team-building among students. All such innovative teaching techniques offer the students- a rigorous and professionally relevant learning experience. These also allow the freedom of choice to the professors to use the best-suited methods in accordance with the particular needs of different subjects.

The present-day teaching methods used in the MBA programs aim at developing a truly free-thinking institution. Such innovative methods in MBA education have the potential of empowering people, strengthening governance and galvanizing the overall human development of the country.

It is much more convenient and effective to learn by doing. When the students are put under the real-life situations, it gives them a practical experience of the challenging corporate situations. Learning through observation and feedback and learning through analysis and conceptualization are also equally beneficial.

Innovations in developing teaching aids have also brought into light several other efficient approaches such as the usage of visual-aid like mind-maps and the new 'Z to A approach'. The 'Z to A approach' attempts to explain the application part of a concept first. Such techniques are greatly effective in the management subjects. Role-playing, too, is a highly beneficial teaching procedure.

In the light of these emerging teaching trends, some of the MBA schools and colleges are providing the best-possible training aids backed by a truly global experience. London Career Digital Marketing signifies the importance of use of multimedia in every walk of life. Masters Digital Media London, too, is a fast-popularizing course in this respect.

The concept of 'penless' and 'paperless' classrooms have proved to be a good alternative to the old teaching-learning methods. Knowledge is becoming highly democratized which is changing the role and face of education with the introduction of new and innovative teaching aids.


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