Common Obstacles to Changing an Organizations Culture

Quite often you feel that your company should have a different, more improved organizational culture than it has at present, but then you let the thought slip because changing a company's culture-especially a company that has been in existence for several years-isn't a very easy thing to do. You feel that instead of putting in the effort towards changing your company's culture, you could better do something else with your resources.

You may be justified in thinking like this, because there are various difficulties in changing a company's prevailing culture. The first problem arises from the kinds of excuses people make for keeping the same culture. They will tell you that there is too much work involved, it will be a very much time consuming process that won't be worth the effort, it is something that is not really needed and so on. These are the detractors, and you will find them when you are trying out anything new.

It is also possible that these people don't want to change. They are the old bricks of the organization. They have been like this for several years now and they don't want to make the effort to change themselves or anything that they have grown accustomed to. Most importantly, they don't want to change their habits.

And then there is the fact that it might be really difficult to change things. People are set in their ways, the impressions are made, even people outside your organization know what you stand for. Changing a corporate image isn't just about changing a name or a logo design. It runs much deeper than that. The company's very core needs to be changed.

That's where the answer lies... the core. Or, rather, the core values. When you change the core values of your team, the changes begin to show. Don't expect this to be an overnight process, but if you are convinced about changing, make the first small step towards it. When you meet with success, the detractors will become congratulators, and they will slowly follow in the footprints that you lay for them on the ground.


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