Relationship Psychology Basics - See How They Affect You

Relationship psychology basics can help us understand many things. Relationships can take

quite different forms. Actually, relationships are funny things. One day a relationship will

be great, but the next day or just a few days later it may be maddeningly difficult.

What is worse than that, you may find it very difficult to identify the things that trigger

good times or bad times. Because of this, you find it almost impossible to predict what will

happen in your relationship. These complex realities are the only explanations for how a

couple can be madly in love one day, and then they are ready to file for divorce the next?

You see? It all seems to depend upon psychology.

Does that view mean that a psychologist can restore any relationship?

Hardly, but some interesting things to consider do exist. Maybe having some insights into

how men and women think will help you maintain your present relationship, and maybe that

will also help you to make your current relationship much, much stronger.

The National Institute of Mental Health commissioned a study that found that the majority of

young couples (18 to 21 years of age) avoided being overly intimate--in the deepest sense of

the word--with one another. The study found that these young people tried to remain as

independent as they possibly could in the early years of their relationships.

Even though this was true, the results also showed strong evidence that they worried about

being abandoned or rejected. While that was generally true, those with higher self-esteem

indicated that they didn't worry as much as the others.

In addition to those findings about younger people, older couples did not show as much of a

tendency for this type of behavior. Probably this is because they have had more life

experiences, and, really, they do not worry as much as younger people do about what others

think of them.

They just don't worry as much about breaking up.
Interestingly, this attitude actually makes it less likely that they will break up.

Of course, breakups can happen at any age, not just to young people.

Researchers also record that there are differences between men and women when it comes to

conversing. Women sometimes steer the conversation in certain directions, whereas men tend

to react to things as they come.

You can easily see how that would cause conflict.

These differences in communication often mean that what you meant to say might not be what

the other person perceives you as meaning. Understanding some of these differences can help

you when you try to converse with your spouse.

These are a few of the psychological explanations for how relationships develop, but there

are many more. Studying the effects of differences between men an women can be fascinating,

but just making such a study is not enough to keep the marriage going well. What a good

marriage really needs is work and commitment.

If you think that things could be better in your relationship, keep these relationship

psychology basics in mind. This information give you a good start to restoring or enriching

your relationship. Some professional counselors can help you understand the psychology of

relationships, but you can do much research on your own too.

Get all the information you can about relationship psychology basics, and then use that

information to your best advantage.


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