How To Find Out If Your Child Has Dyslexia?

Many couples have problems related to conception. They would look for IVF specialists or infertility specialists to guide them over their problem. However, once they conceive, worries might not end. Any mutation can also result in the child having different syndromes. In other cases, a disease might just be hereditary. One such inherited disability which affects a child's brain is dyslexia.
Dyslexia, or dyscalculia, is a mental disorder in which a child is not able to read, write and learn spellings. Many dyslexic children are not dull. They have an intelligence level from average to superior. However, these problems if not recognized, cannot take him further in studies.
If your child also has problems in reading, writing or learning spellings, he may be having dyslexia. However, you need to figure out if that is the real reason for not doing well in academics. You can look for some patterns in your child's performance to check for dyslexia.
Firstly, look at his listening skills. Check if you have to repeat your commands once you deliver them. Does he have problems in comprehending what you are saying? Do you have to re-word your commands until the child understands them?
Now check your child's behavior. Dyslexic children might not be able to coordinate with time, distance and speed. Judge him when he is playing. Monitor the number of times he loses a catch.
Next, you need to check his reading skills. These might require most of your attention. This is because children with this disease will have most problems in reading. A good way to check this is to read with your child. When he is reading, try to focus on checking if there is a pattern in all the mistakes he makes.
When your child is reading, find out if he is facing any difficulty in reading simple sentences. A common mistake might be reversing the letters. Many dyslexic kids will confuse "b" for "d", and sometimes they would invert letters in a word, for example "top" and "pot".
Now, you are to monitor your child's communication skills. Grab a storybook, and read half of it to him. After you are through, ask some questions about what happened and what he thinks will happen next. Is he able to answer? Now, hand the storybook to him, and ask him to read rest of the story. After the story is over, ask him questions about the part he has read. Dyslexic kids will have problems in comprehending a meaning out of what they read.
Even though parents might be worried about their child having this disease, it is not impossible to cure dyslexia. Many parents will take help from specialized educator who knows about this condition. Just remember that your child is not dull. All you have to do is teach him in a specialized manner. You might also get appropriate software and then teach basic concepts of reading, writing and spelling to your child through it. Digital talking books are an ideal choice. Keep patient, take help from an education specialist, and your child will soon become a shining star.


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