Economic Stability With Biosphere Technology

Economic stability is something every nation wants and needs. This is the reason why they take good care of stock markets and monitor their imports and exports. There is however, one obstacle all non-oil producing countries need to overcome before they can truly pursue real economic stability. That obstacle is oil independence. With every bit of fluctuation in the price of oil in the global market having a great impact on one's economy, no country can claim it has a fully stable economy. But the power to finally achieve oil independence is finally without our grasp, and that power is known as biosphere technology.

Biosphere technology is the only green energy technology that has the potential to rival oil in terms of output and combustion efficiency. It involves the harnessing of the combustibility of solid wastes and the utilization of the said combustibility to power generators that produce electricity. The entire process is conducted in an oxygen limited environment this greatly limiting carbon emissions. The said carbon emissions are present in oil combustion in very high levels and are the primary culprits behind the greenhouse effect that leads to global warming and climate change.

Biosphere technology thus earned its way into being classified as part of the sustainability industry. The sustainability industry aims to make certain that generations to come still have enough resources to meet their needs. Using renewable energy that are abundant and never run out is the best method of conserving resources. The problem however, is that renewable energy such as solar power, wind power, hydro power, biomass power, and geothermal power all pale in comparison to the far more prevalent oil in terms of efficiency. The huge capital investment needed to put up facilities for large scale renewable energy generation has also constantly kept potential investors at bay.

Biosphere technology is the first of its kind. It can be considered a renewable energy source because it uses solid wastes, which nobody wants, as fuel to generate electricity. It can make use of all the garbage found in landfills and convert them into power. The space used up by landfills is freed up in the process, making it available for other purposes than just housing trash. Biosphere technology completely removes the need for landfills. The weight to energy conversion ratio of this cutting edge technology is so high it can stand on its own, unlike other green energies that need supplementary energy sources to fully suffice. A biosphere machine is enough to support the energy needs of an entire household 24/7.

Biosphere technology therefore helps the environment in two ways. First, it clears existing solid wastes by turning them into energy. Second, it generates electrical power without causing harm to the environment because of the very little greenhouse emissions it releases into the atmosphere.

A nation who entrusts its energy generation processes to biosphere technologies can finally achieve true economic stability because after biosphere machines are purchased or built, the global price of the technology need not be considered anymore. Being aware of this, rich and developed countries such as the United States, Canada, Sweden and Brazil have already started building their own biosphere facilities. The said countries believe that biosphere machines will be the ones to bring them oil independence.


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