Parallel Perceptions and Asymmetric Senses of Reality

For understanding parallel perceptions and asymmetric senses of reality, we can explore this matter in the contrast of the independent objects. The entities in the realm of independent objects exist as they are. The independent objects are atoms, quarks, photons, molecules and so on, that vary in complexity and combination of its individual parts. These entities do not contain any form of knowledge in themselves. How could they? After all, a glass jar is not known of being a thinker or a philosopher. Nor is the moon circling the Earth because it is fond of the animal kingdom on Earth.

Knowledge we have of the physical reality is not the essence of what the physical reality is. A stone is a complex molecular structure. It functions according to its nature as it is, independently on how it is thought or what it is experienced as being. Thus, the knowledge and qualities we are aware in our experience of the stone cannot be the essence of its being. And so, the representational reality is the individual's own portrait of the universe.

Your brains give all the contents you are aware of to it. Your subconscious reflects all the qualities to it. The contents and qualities that are a part of the reality as it is experienced are dependent on the neurological structure of the brains. The innate nature in itself is asymmetric between the people who are born. This innate neurological design of the brains begins to fashion to the exceeding forms of the post-innate structure. Every experience after the birth fashions the existing parts. Memories begin to form in increasing amounts. Different individuals will meet different circumstances, even if we were talking about twins that live in the same house. Even more different circumstances are met by individuals who are born in the other side of the world. The children learn different languages, depending on the native language. Finland is a different central point for neighboring countries than France is for the individual. The cultural continuum has as if tuned the habits and responses of the native culture the individual is born into.

Now, even though we were in the same room, the way our brains interpret the contents of it is asymmetric, thus producing the emergence of asymmetric content and qualities to it. Yet, the origins for the interpretations are the same. Independent on how we think about them. Independent on how our brains interpret them as being. The same event can be interpreted by the brain to be different between different people. A dog's brain cannot interpret the romantic gesture of giving a red rose to a woman. An atheist who believes in causal determinism does not live in a reality


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