Domain Names History

The domain name is a unique name that identifies Internet Protocol (IP) resource on the internet, they are managed and based on Domain Name System (DNS).

They are controlled by ICCAN and they can be registered and resold by ICCAN. People using domains are increasing every year and that is growing at a fast alarming rate.

They are identified by regions thus the country code and the other main categories which is also increasing thus.com,.gov,.edu,.mil,.org,.net etc by use. The main and common one is the.com.

They have the trademark in commercial purposes thus their uses in commerce subject them to Trademark laws. For example atptechnology.net is the only site that is having that name on the internet and for trade purposes it is used to represent the company ATP Technologies registered. Domain names has to have a easy to remember name and thus will make the users have easy access to the name hence the sell of domains according to the simplicity of the domain name will make them more expensive than the complicated names.

Some people have entered into the business of selling buying and reselling the domains at very high prices. For example the domain name that was sold of lately that was very expensive was sex.com.

Some domains have become very popular on the internet such that just their mention on the internet will automatically associate the company with the reputation and credibility they have on the internet it is very important to have a domain name well thought of and easy for the audience to remember.


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