Good Strategies to Teach Students

The world is so large and things are numerous. Thus we need to learn lots of things to make our life better. But we are not students any more to a large extent. And some of us have become teachers including me. The question is that some teachers who instruct their students really don't know if their students like their ways of teaching. Or some really know that their students feel bored about their lessons, but they don't have methods to improve the lessons.
So now I need to say something about this problem. I think the most important thing in it is that students need the power to learn what you need to tell them. The power I mean is that they need to have passion to learn what you can teach them. In this case you need to encourage them to put up their passion. But how? As I have tried. First, as a teacher you need to be very strategic to talk. You see, so many times your students are in the passive condition and you are the leader. You can guide them. So you need to train your speaking ability apart from your professional knowledge.
Second, you can do some activities to interact with your students. For example, you can ask your students their favourites and try to meet their needs. Definitely you cannot satisfy everybody. And don't do it either! In your class you should frequently give your students chances to show themselves on the other hand. The truth is that a lot of students have fear inside to show themselves in public. So now you need to encourage them gradually and steadily with mild actions. I think that will do things well.
Third, even sometimes you should give your students time and space to think independently. Being independent is very important for any student. Even though you teach your students the foreign language, you need to learn this point as well.


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