Five Important Resources for Kindergarten Teachers

The most important resource for a kindergarten teacher is the personality of the teacher. Kindergarten students respond best to adults who are friendly and compassionate. Many of them are on the brink of tears at any given moment and need a kind teacher. A sense of humor is also important as well as a whole lot of energy!
Another resource that is invaluable for a kindergarten teacher is a kindergarten parent. Those parents are eager and ready to come in and help. They will even cut out letter and make materials for centers. Parents also enjoy reading to the students and sharing stories with them. Parents of young children are very involved in their child's education, so getting them involved works well for both teachers and parents. Plus, little children love for their parents to come to school and help in the classroom.
Grandparents are also willing to help out with the younger set. They are perfect for writing and receiving letters from young writers. Older adults in the community can also be included in the writing process. A kindergarten class could start a writing project with a senior citizen home in the area.
Another great resource for kindergarten teachers is teacher made worksheets for young children. Easy worksheets based on the concepts being learned in class give the students the confidence they need when they are easily able to complete the work. Big smiley faces on the work make the students proud to take the papers home to display on the refrigerator.
Last but not least, empty out the sock drawer and use markers to make funny faces on the socks. The students could even bring mismatched socks from home. Sew a button or a couple of on a sock, and it takes on a life of its own. Shy students gain confidence when performing simple puppet shows. The teacher could even make alphabet socks with a letter on each sock. When a sock is pulled out of a box, the students could come up with words that start with that letter. The main thing is to keep the learning going by keeping it fun!


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