Introduction to Search Engine Optimization - SEO Guide

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the technique of optimizing the website for the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask etc. In SEO we enhance site for search engines so that site ranks high on SERP's. The enhancement of site depends upon a lot of factors categorizes as:
  • Onsite Optimization
  • Offsite Optimization
Onsite Optimization: As name suggests the optimization deals with the improvement in the factors related with own website.

Onsite Optimization Factors:
Title Tag: The title tag in SEO is crucial. The title of each & every page should be unique and relevant to the content of the page.The tile tag must have the keyword with maximum possible keywords.

Description Tag: Description tag is the short summary of the page. It may have 2-3 lines from the content of page.
Keywords: The keyword Meta tag plays the most important role in optimization. The keyword tag must be stuffed with the possible keywords by which traffic supposed to come on your site. Do not include extra keywords which are not present on page matter.

Headings: Use the proper heading for pages. The H1 should have the keywords and use once in a page.

Paragraphs: Proper paragraphing of content is necessary.

Strong: Make the keywords strong in contents. Not more than 2-3 times.

Alt Tags: Alt tag for images is used to optimize the images. Write in the alt tag what is for the image and put keywords here.

Contents: The contents of the page and site should be relevant and contains the searchable keywords. The density of keyword should be 3-4% and the content must have more than 250 words. The content is the most important part for ranking. It must be unique and best possible. Link the keyword in content to the other pages of site. 1-2 is fine.

Linking: Your site page should have proper linking structure and try not to include any outgoing link. The inbound link should contain the keywords.

Copyright statement: Write and link the copyright to your domain only. If you link it to other site you will lose your ranking and authority is passing to the linking site. So never include the link of your developer or other. In most cases people do that.
Apart from these coding improvements the ranking depends on other site factors also like:

Domain Age: "Old is Gold", the same rule apply here. The older is the domain betters the result. Also the domain should have expiration period as much as possible.

Offsite Optimization:
Links: Once you ready with solid onsite optimization the talk comes to linking. The linking in today scenario of search engines matter most. The pages should be linked to the relevant pages and with proper incoming link.

The links should be from authority sites and looks to be natural. No of links required to rank page in SERP depends upon 1000s factors.

We will discuss the linking strategy and link wheel in coming posts in detail.
Besides, above factors the optimization depends upon several other factors such as locality, nature of business, traffic etc.


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