What Are My Dreams Telling Me? Warning Signs and Solutions

I never decide anything before consulting the unconscious mind that produces dreams. I'm sure I can completely trust its guidance, and I'll show you why you must trust it too.

Many dreams are quite confusing. What are they telling me? I take some time to understand their messages when they are complex.

However, I know the dream language. Thanks to my studies, discoveries, and cures, I learned the symbolic meaning of all dream images. Therefore, I start translating the meaning of each dream symbol that appears in the dreams I'm analyzing. This translation enlightens me, and I suddenly understand all the hidden messages contained in the dream images.

Only by translating the basic dream symbols of any dream, I can understand what the dream is talking about. Then I relate this information to my life, since I'm the dreamer.

When I analyze my own dreams I don't have to ask people any questions, because I already know everything about my personality and my life. However, when I translate other people's dreams, I need this information in order to provide a perfect dream translation.

Some people hide many things from me because they are ashamed of their mistakes. Other people present me with a very long life biography, but they forget telling me basic facts that belong to their past. This part is really difficult. When the dreamer doesn't cooperate with the dream translator, and leaves out important details, the translation cannot be clear. It is going to be too generic, and not as helpful as it could be.

Most dreams are basically warnings. This is why a perfect dream translation is very important. The unconscious mind is our natural protector. It shows us in dream images and scenes all the dangers that are threatening our peace of mind. This way, we can correct our mistakes and avoid complications.

Other dreams give us solutions for our daily problems. These are my favorites! When I have an important project or a difficult problem to solve, I wait for my dreams with curiosity. Fortunately, the unconscious mind gives me many signs in my daily reality too, so I don't need to sleep and dream in order to be guided. However, my dreams give me more information.

There are also dreams that are so clear, that I can immediately translate their meaning without even writing them down. Everything depends on the dream symbols.

If you want to understand what your dreams are telling you with the same facility I do, you only have to study a little bit of my dynamic method of dream translation. It is based on Carl Jung's discoveries, and on my own discoveries after continuing his research.

You'll avoid what is bad thanks to the warning signs represented by the dream symbols, and easily solve all your problems thanks to the solutions you'll find. This is a big advantage!

You'll prevent diseases and mental illnesses. Your enemies won't be able to hurt you, and you'll have many loyal friends. You'll find your perfect match and have a perfect relationship. You'll avoid accidents and misfortunes and you will always feel protected and safe. You'll also completely develop your intelligence and be able to use your new gift to help many people around you with your extraordinary talents.


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