Economics - Modern Edition

We are entering to the 21st century with different companies all over the world which is designed during the 19th century.

This is an entirely different approach to business and work when it deals with economics.

Economics is leading a management thinkers and practitioners that creates their own economic policies either it belongs to monetary or fiscal policies as a new approach and it will force us to think everything we know. This will be an economic revolution in economic management towards the future.

Marketing guru is different in theory and application. The real marketing guru is an actual approach to the economic society. This is dealing with money, finance, investment, business organization whether private or public.

According to James Henry Ting, Chairman and Chief Executive of Hong Kong based Semi-Tech Global Limited said that "Money can do certain things but you've got to motivate people." This was published in the magazine of World's Executive digest.

Globalization is the trend in the modern economics now a days. This is a reality when it comes to global trade business. At present times, it is still existing because it has a well established trade relations from other countries across the globe.

The issue in modern economics are re-engineering the corporation, managing the intelligent enterprise, creating a company of business people.

According to the book of Fajardo which is entitled "Economic Development" that mentions modern theory of employment because it states that "Employment is determined by supply of and demand for labor." This has something to do with labor and employment when it deals with economic labor.

Before I finished my whole content of this article, this is for their own good of readers and viewers from other countries and this is a big help for the goods and services of the people.

Economics in a modern edition is considered as a management revolution because we are looking forward towards globalization.

Do not wait that our country will collapse due to economic crisis or a next recession will come.

The moral lesson in this article is that we must be prepare in terms of economic crisis at all cost.

A. Books

Fajardo, Feliciano R. Economic Development 3rd Ed. Mandaluyong City: National Bookstore, 2004. (p.36)

B. Periodicals or Journals

World's Executive Digest: The Magazine for Management Excellence. July, 1993. (p.93)


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