It's All About the Money

In this economy, money is more important than ever. As unemployment is at an all-time high and rapidly increasing, many of our visitors and members have admitted that someone's income and assets are becoming higher on the priority list. Looks, personality, like-mindedness, education, kids or no kids, all those are still big factors that are checked and posted at free online dating sites. Yet we see income, money, being debt free, able to be flexible, being able to manage money, and these finance-related topics being a priority. So are online dating site users getting more shallow, more scared, or wiser?

Now many people aren't posting online that they are out to find a rich significant other. Yet they have admitted that if someone's not that attractive, it's okay because he's got money. Or perhaps her personality is dead and she's a dud in bed but it's okay because she's a successful accountant and in this economy, having a more stable job is important. So does this make someone shallow and materialistic if they focus on these things?

Well, we believe that for centuries people have asked the same questions. From the cave man days - can he haul home the meat? To current times - does she spend lots of money on impulsive shopping? That's nothing new. Those are indeed important questions and it would be foolish not to at least be concerned about someone's ability to work, save, and invest. Also warning flags should be waving if you have a shopaholic on your hands or a mate who won't try to find a job or can't keep a job because of his or own fault.

Then take a look at some of our celebrities. They may not possess the greatest looks, money management skills, etiquette, or any of the things that you'd think they should have being high up in the ranks. Yet because they are celebrities they get special treatment and it's acceptable for them to be, say, foul mouthed, cheaters, criminals, etc. (Keep in mind we're not here to pick on anyone. We're just using general examples.)

So to answer the question about whether or not looking for money and a big fat wallet is shallow and materialistic, we have to say that if it ranks very high on your priority list, then yes it is very shallow and materialistic. If you're living on the fear of the economy and lack of jobs, then living on fear is no way to live and no way to make decisions including dating decisions. If these are your concerns, it is advised that you do a self check. Are you worried about your job? Are you being selfish? If so, why? Is that what you really want in a dating partner and a relationship? Do you come off as being a gold hunter? If so, is this good for you? For the other person?

Being concerned about someone's work ethics and money management skills are important factors. Making sure you have the Gravy Train or a Sugar Daddy or a Sugar Momma isn't an important factor. It's an issue.


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