Teacher Training - Simple Steps To Good Education

I did a brainstorm with my friend today about the needs of educators today. It's very clear that teacher training does not just encompass the imparting of skills. Teachers are ill-equipped to handle students today, not because there are generational gaps, but because teachers are teaching students in ways that will turn out students for the 20th century, not the 21st century.

Teaching methodologies aside, it is important to recognize that the way in which we are training our students today do not inspire many students to become inquisitive problem-solvers and innovators for the future. We have to think two decades ahead and ask ourselves the serious question: are we going to be able to enable these students to function in the working world?

Generally, the answer would be "no".

Hence, we need to carry out a revamp of the education system, not for the students, but for the teachers. Teachers already have done a lot for student systems, it's high time to do something for themselves. They need to educate themselves on the advances of technology, the shifts in the economy and the needs of business today as well as a global awareness of changes going on in the world, cultural and social.

Beyond that, teachers must also be differentiated by the way they can inspire students to think the way enabled adults do in order to solve problems and create new inventions so that they will be much more useful as knowledge workers, where knowledge not learnt in school is not a problem - they merely need to pick it up and know how to research and advance their knowledge by knowing where to get the information from.


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