Faster Than the Speed of Light

If you have ever watched a science fiction show or movie or ever picked up a science fiction book you will probably know that amongst the scientific world is pretty widely accepted that you can't go faster than the speed of light. But problem is these works of science fiction never tell you why. That's where I come in.

Now before I go on I want to put a little bit of doubt in your mind. The person who said that we can't go faster than the speed of light Albert Einstein has already been proven wrong about certain parts of the theory of relativity. So his theories are just that theories. His theory of light speed could be very well wrong. But whether its wrong or right is not my place to tell it is my place to tell you why people think you can't travel faster.

Einstein found out that energy and matter are one and the same. That matter is merely incredibly condensed energy. If you got a powerful battery it would be heavier if it was fully charged (but only a by small amount). It is important to remember that all energy is the same. So there for all types of energy weigh the same amount. So if something is moving quickly and there for has large amounts of kinetic energy then it would be heavier. Just as a charged battery would be heavier.

Now lets say your in you little space ship. Your just cruising through the milky way and you decide to go to light speed. You start picking up speed. Now something important to remember is just how fast light speed is. If you were traveling at around 100 miles per hour then you would be around 0.000000000002 grams heavier. Which lets admit isn't that much heavier. But light speed is 186,000 per second (and there is 3600 seconds in an hour). You would be a LOT heavier.

Also it should be noted technically your not getting heavier since weight is relative to the planet your on but bear with me here. As your going super fast everything is getting slower. The reason why you are getting slower is because everything is getting slower. If you had a watch then it would it would only tick once every hour. Thing is your brain is also getting slower so you wouldn't even notice. You could be staring at your watch it would say two minutes had passed and you would be at your destination 20 years later.

Eventually the faster you go the harder it is to build up speed. You get slower and slower and push harder and harder. Until eventually you hit a point where there isn't enough energy in the universe (depending on how big the universe is which is a completely different topic) to be able to make you go faster than a specific point and that point is the speed of light.


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