Big Bailout - Money Out of Thin Air But Weighing More Than A Ton

You'll probably be finding yourself a bit curious right after reading the title, but don't worry, it'll clear itself soon enough. Before we get anywhere though, let's revisit a story that surely almost everyone has heard about by now - the big bailout.

You might probably be already all too familiar with this story, but just for the sake of the discussion try to bear with it - an important lesson will be learned by the end of this article, that's a promise.

First off, you probably already know that he US dollar has long lifted itself from the gold standard right? For those who are unfamiliar, in the 1970's President Nixon removed the U.S. dollar from the gold standard, which means that it is no longer backed by deposits of gold but is instead guaranteed by taxes the people pay. This means that the money you are holding right now is more of an IOU in terms of value.

This also means that the Federal Reserve, which is not a government agency but is instead a banking cartel made up of some of the world's richest families, will be able to authorize the unlimited printing of money to stimulate the economy which is good for the economy's recovery - but take into account what was mentioned above.

Now, after the economy fell, you probably already knew what came next. Federal Reserve authorized the injection of billions of dollars into banks and major lending companies to bail them out and give the economy the boost that it needed at the time. The question is, where did the money go? Because many know for a fact that although lenders received those billions of dollars they still ended up decreasing lending to more than half.

The keyword here would be "BONUS." Because as the country was shaking and falling apart during the recession, banking executives that were awarded the bailout money we're patting themselves on the back and giving themselves huge bonuses for a job well done - well done indeed.

Now, the question is who ends up carrying the entire load which money out of thin air has created? The people. So what is the main lesson here? The calamity is far from over, and that now, more than ever, you should be concentrating on teaching your children about the importance of money and how to handle credit properly as well as learn how to properly repair your credit now and to deal with the big bailout. Because chances are, they'll still be feeling the reverberation of the calamity that was created by unscrupulous individuals today well within their adult lives in the future.


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