Louis Pasteur

Louis Pasteur , Master of France chemical and biology, is a very excellence person in medicine history. Pasteur donate many of important idea for science, but the most protrude at himself is a his argue about basil disease theory and preventive technique development by injection.

Pasteur was born in Dole city at 1822, east France. As a Paris student, he deepens his knowledge in science and medicine scope. When he study at France, His genius not really visible, even one of his professor, categorized Pasteur as intermediate person in chemical. After he gain a doctor academic, Pasteur proof that his professor utterance is a big mistake. His research about tartaric acid of glass, make his dignity up to famous chemistry when he 26 years. Then he distract his concern to yarn and proof that that process is same as type of another organism which can produce unwilling yarn water. Soon, this argues lead him to another idea, that organism can produce unpredictable thing and can carry good effect for human or animal.

Pasteur is not the first person who make a problem about basil disease theory. A same hypothesis has been develop earlier by Girolamo Fracastoro, Friedrich Henle and many more. But, Pasteur is the most protrude indeed basil disease theory. Pasteur proof his theory with many of experience and demonstration as a major factor and he success to persuasive cleaver public that this theory is true.
When basil caused disease, prevent bacteria to enter in human body, make the disease can far away from human. Because of that, Pasteur emphasizes the important antiseptic methods for a doctor and he have big influence to Joseph Lister who introduce antiseptic way into surgery scope.

Dangerous bacteria can enter in human body by food and drink. Pasteur develops pasteurization technique to annihilate micro organism in drink. This technique, can annihilate bacteria as infection agent in milk. All of bacteria perish and the milk safe to drink.

When his age approach 50 years old, Pasteur change his concern to cattle basil disease, a kind of serious infection which attack cattle and another animal unexpected human. Pasteur ability to show that kind of basil cause a disease. The most important work is his development technique when product weaker disease basil. With injection a basil to cattle body, the weaker disease basil can caused a light disease but cannot caused anything fatal and probably, the cattle gain an immune to faced normal disease. Pasteur ‘s demonstrate his successes immune cattle from basil in a public caused consternation. Soon, general method can used for prevent various resident disease.

Pasteur in his laboratories
The most famous personal Pasteur discovery is a in a injection technique development for human to prevent scared rabies disease. Like Pasteur, another scientist develop a vaccine to prevent another hard disease like typhus an poliomyelitis.

Pasteur, a workaholic man, create unimportant discovery but still useful for his famous. Pasteur found anaerobic phenomena too, for example one microorganism can live without air or oxygen. Pasteur's works about silk caterpillar, incur a high commercial value. The other discovery is vaccine to prevent cholera disease to chicken and poultry. Pasteur died near Paris 1895. Until now, his discovery still used as basic immune.


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