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His name is Ali bin Abdillah bin Abd al-Jabbar, which if passed lineage will arrive at Hasan bin Ali bin Abe Tholib and his son Fatimah al-Zahra ', daughter of the Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasallam.
Shaykh Abu al-Hasan was born in Morocco in 593 AH in the village near the city named Ghimaroh Sabtah (near the town of Thonjah now).
It was there, he was the first time meghafal Al-Qur `an and receive lessons ilmi-religious sciences, including studying fiqh madhhab Imam Malik. He managed to obtain knowledge that originates in Al-Qur `an and Sunnah as well as the knowledge that comes from a clear mind.

Thanks to the knowledge they had, many of the scholars' who studied him. Some of them want to test the ingenuity Shaikh Abu al-Hasan. After the dialogue held Ilmiyah they finally admitted that he has extensive knowledge, so as to drain his knowledge as if it is quite difficult. Indeed, before he underwent tariqah science, he has to equip himself with the knowledge that memadahi Shari'a.

The first story he wanted to find a way tariqah enter the country Tunis is when he intends to meet with the masyayekh. And among the sheikh who can make a steady heart is sheikh Abi Said al-Baji. Before the sheikh Abu al-Hasan's talk, he already knew the contents of his heart, finally Abu al-Hasan knew that he was a trustee. Later he studied and gain knowledge from it. From there start the sheikh Abu al-Hasan tariqah pursue science. to pursue this commitment, he came to many countries, both eastern countries and western countries in the region. During his life he has perform the pilgrimage several times and traveled the closer to Allah SWT.

Each of galloping pace, his heart was always asked, "In the place where I can find a sheikh (Murshid)?". It is true, a student in the step to get closer to God is like a ship that sailed the vast ocean. Does the ship can run well without a helmsman (Murshid). And this is experienced by sheikh Abu al-Hasan.

On the way he finally arrived in Iraq, the region Sufi people and pious people. In Iraq he met with the sheikh Abi Salih al-Fath al Wasithi, the sheikh of the most memorable in his heart in comparison with other sheikhs in Iraq. Sheikh Abu al Fath said to the sheikh abu al Hasan, "O Abu al-Hasan Qutub you are looking for carers here, when he was in the country? Returned, and you shall find it."

Eventually I returned to Morocco, and met with the sheik as Siddiq al-Qutb al ghauts Muhammad Abdus salam ibn Abi al Sharif al-Hasani Masyisy. Sheikh was staying at the top of the mountain, before him I clean my body (bath) in the onion volcano and I came to feel stupid and no good deeds. But before I go up the mountain turned out to sheikh Abdus salam has come down to see me.

When he saw me, he said, "Welcome, O 'Ali bin Abdullah bin Abdul-Jabbar". She tells me until the Messenger nasab sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam. Then he said, "You come to me to feel stupid and feel does not have good deeds, then you will get rich world and the hereafter.

Finally I was with him a few days until my heart get a divine glow. During the joint sheikh Abdus Salam, I saw some of its sacred.
The meeting between Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdul-Jabbar and Sheikh Abu al-Hasan is really a meeting between Murshid and students, or between muwarrits and waarits. Lots futuhat ilahiyyah obtained sheikh Abu al-Hasan from him.

Among testament sheikh Abdullah bin Abdul-Jabbar to him is, "Sharpen the vision of faith and ye shall find God in every thing".
While he called syadzili story is as follows.

"When I sit in front of the sheikh, in a small space, there are small children beside me. Inside my heart wanted to ask the sheikhs hint about God's name. However, the little children come to me and his hand holding the collar of my shirt and said," O, Abu al-Hasan, Sheikh you want to ask about the name of Allah when ye is the name you are looking for, meaning the name of God is already in your heart. Finally sheikh smiled and said, "He has answered your question."

Furthermore, Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdul-Jabbar Abu al-Hasan ordered to go to the area Afriqiyyah precisely in the area named Syadzilah, because God will call you by name Syadzili-though at that time was Abu al-Hasan not yet known by that name.

Before leaving Abu al-Hasan asked testament to the sheikh, then he said, "Remember God, clean the tongue and heart from all that pollutes the name of God, keep your body member of the immoral, do the obligatory charity, then you have obtained a degree guardian, Remember the duty to God, then you will obtain the degree of people who wara '. then pray to God with prayer, "cor arihnii min dzikrihim wa minal' awaaridhi min qibalihim wanajjinii aghninii bi wa min syarrihim khairika 'an khairihim wa bil tawallanii khushuushiyyati min bainihim innaka' alaa kulli syai'in qadiir ".

Finally, according to the instructions, sheikh Abu al-Hasan went to the area to find out the secrets that have been said to him. In rihlatun Nuur this time he gets a lot of trials as trials that have been experienced by the trustee-trustee selection. However, with these trials actually increased the level of faith and his heart more clearly.

After reaching the Syadzilah, namely the area near Tunis, he was with his friends and his students toward a cave in the mountain za'faran to Munajat and worship to Allah SWT. Since worship in that place one of his students know that the sheikh Abu al-Hasan much memili sacred and the level of worship has reached high levels.

At the end there munajatnya voice whisper that says, "O Abu al-Hasan came down and hang out with people then they will be able to take advantage of you, then I say," Oh Lord, why You commanded me to socialize with them, I can not afford "and then answered," Come on, come down inshaAllah you will be safe and you will not get the reproach of them "then I said," if I'm with them, whether I will eat from their dirhams? then answered, "Beramalallah, I am Oft-rich, both charity of something you have (minal jaib) or something that will I give unto you (minal supernatural). Through this divine dialogue he asked God, why she called and she was not originating syadzili from syadzilah, then God replied, "I do not mnyebutmu with syadzili and yet you are syadzdzuli, meaning that a total stranger to hidmah and love me.

After that sheikh Abu al-hasan go to Tunis and finally stayed in the mosque of al Bilath. In the vicinity of the place many of the scholars' and the Sufis. Among them was his friend who called al Jalil Sayyidi Abul Azaim, sheikh Abu al-Hasan and Abu Abdillah Shaqli ash ash Shabuni.

Eventually the popularity of sheikh Abu al-Hasan heard everywhere, until you hear the ear qadhi al jama'ah Abu al Qasim ibn Barra '. When he heard this news, jealousy and hasud appear in his heart. He tried to drop in popularity. He reported to the Sultan Abi Zakariya, with allegations that he comes from Fathimi class.

Then the sultan responded by holding meetings and collecting ash Shaykh Hasan and al-Qadi and presented fiqh experts. The meeting was to examine how the ability of sheikh abu al-Hasan.
Among the question is he asked about nasabnya several times and he can answer it properly. And many more questions. In essence Sheikh Abu al-Hasan are people who have a storehouse of knowledge, so that any questions he could answer properly.

Finally tersentaklah qadhi with answers which acknowledge that the sheikh sultan Abu al-Hasan is included leaders of the guardians.
Envy and jealousy qadhi against sheikh Abu al-hasan increasing rapidly, then he tried to persuade the sultan and said, "If the master let him, then the population of Tunis will drop you from the throne".

Perkatan hear this and because of concern personal affairs, told the sultan finally fiqh experts to come out of a meeting place and arrested sheikh Abu al-Hasan for imprisoned in the palace.

Hearing this one friend sheikh Abu al-Hasan visited him and said, "People talk about you that you have done this and that." Friend had to cry in front of sheikh Abu al-Hasan and with confidence and high stability sheikh smiled sweetly and said, "By Allah, if I do not use the adab Personality 'then I'm outta here-while mengisyarahkan with his finger. Each finger mengisyarahkan to the wall then the wall is directly split, then sheikh said to me, "Give me pot containing water, give a prayer rug and give my regards to my friends. Tell them that the only day we do not meet and pray maghrib when we shall meet again ".

Many sacred God-given to him. Each request was granted by Allah SWT.

In one moment the sultan were surprised by the news that the slave woman most loved and most proud of developing the disease died instantly. When they're busy washing it for later dishalati slaves, they forget embers are still burning in the building. At last embers of the fire had engulfed clothing, jewelry, property, carpets and other property that can not be counted value. At that time, the sultan remember that these events because he's attitudes toward sheikh Abu al-Hasan and he remembered that the man 'Aada lillahi waliyyan aadzanahullahu fa bil harbi .1)

And oddly enough, the brother of the sultan, including followers of sheikh Abu al-Hasan. Finally, he apologized to the sheikh of the treatment to him.
Similar stories experienced by Ibn al-Barra. When dying he also undergone many trials both property and religion.

After that, from Tunis sheikh Abu al-Hasan to the eastern state of Iskandariyyah. There she met with the sheikh Abi Abbas al-Mursi. The meeting of two sheikhs had really reflect between a Murshid and students.

The reasons why he moved to Egypt, he said, "I had a dream, that the Prophet sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam said," O Ali ... go to Egypt to train 40 people who really scared me.

Finally, he reached the city of Alexandria and married and endowed with five children, three boys and two girls. During his in Egypt is bringing many blessings, in the field of propaganda, and many of the scholars who took knowledge from him.

Including scholars who come to take from him is faidah Izzuddin bin Abdus Salam, Ibn al-Iid Daqiq, Al-hafidz al-Mundziri, Ibn al-Hajib, Ibn Sholah, Ibn Usfur, and others in the madrasa al-kamiliyyah that lies in the way of Al-muiz li dinillah.

Abu al-Hasan was the good looks, nice talking with, and knowledgeable in tasawwuf. He said "our way is not by the pendetaan, not by eating bits of flour, but the way we are with the patient on the orders, and believes in the guidance".

Shaykh Abu al-Abbas al-Mursy say that this teacher to go for Hajj every year, then lived in the holy city began the month of Rajab, until the pilgrimage out, then pilgrimage to the tomb of the Prophet sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam in Medina. At the last Hajj season of the year 656H, after returning from the hajj, he commanded his disciples to bring the ax perfume and body care device sharing. When students asked for what all of this, he replied, "In the Ravine Humaistara [in the provinces of Bahr al-Ahmar) there will be a definite event. Then that's where he died.
And Allaah knows best.


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