2012 Predictions of Impending Doom - Prepare for the Worst or Party It Up?

If you haven't heard by now, the world as we know it is predicted to end in December 2012. There will be earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions, devastating storms and tsunamis across the whole planet. Some even predict a fiery comet that will intensify the destruction.

Scientists know that a cosmic event that brings a planet called Niburu close to our solar system will create widespread climate changes. The earth normally goes through these extreme changes in weather and climate patterns when Niburu comes into range approximately every 3600 years or so.

Another cosmic event that is supposed to occur around the same time in December 2012 is the alignment of the sun with the black hole of the Milky Way. As it gets closer, magnetic changes in the north and south poles, a sort of vibration, will also cause all kinds of disruptions. According to scientific research this kind of movement of the magnetic fields already occurs occasionally, but could be intensified by this black hole theory.

Predictions have been made by the Mayans, Chinese, Nostradamus, the Aztecs and even the bible regarding this cataclysmic event that will pale when compared even to the great flood and the ice age. How could they all be wrong?

Scientists around the world disagree on whether these events will take place or not. Searching for answers that can be supported by modern research, some scientists believe it could really happen, otherwise why would so many different cultures have predicted it. While others are saying no, it isn't likely; the whole thing has just been blown way out of proportion.

While the debate goes on many of us are wondering, what if it's real? Is there some way to prepare? Will there be a way to survive? Certainly, thoughts of having to live off the land and being self-sufficient have crossed the minds of some. There are more than a few folks out there hoarding food, water, medicine and supplies. They are physically and mentally preparing for the worst.

The other alternative is to live it up, be bold and do things you've always wanted to do, buy whatever you want, travel and live with abandon because in the end it won't matter anyway. Maybe a little bit of both would be wise in this case. Whatever you decide to do will depend on whether you believe we are destined for destruction in 2012. We will just have to watch, wait and see if the predictions come to fruition or has it all been a bunch of hype?


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