Philosophy Degrees - What Careers Options Are Available?

Philosophy deals with morality and contemplating right and wrong. You may be wondering how this will transfer into a job after college. If you are thinking about earning a philosophy degree, it is important to know what career options are available to you after graduation.

Law - Philosophy graduates have the skills to think, write clearly, and present a good arguement. This lends them to do quite well in the law field. Many students will use their philosophy degree as a jumping point to starting their law degree or will work in legal departments in large corporations.

Health - Philosophy graduates often become practitioners or administrators in the medical field. Also, those with a philosophy degree have a high acceptance rate into medical school.

Sales - Philosophers often have great success in the professional sales arena due to their research, reasoning, and arguing skills. Many work in a business setting and maintain a large network of customers.

Government Affairs/Lobbying - A degree in philosophy is a great start to a career in politics. Lobbyists, especially, are known for their skills in reasoning, deduction, and arguing. Many graduates go on to have careers as a political analyst or lobbyist working for politicians, private firms, or as consultants.

More and more universities are opening up their philosophy degree programs to online students. You will graduate with many different marketable skills, and the analytical skills you gain when pursuing your degree transfer wonderfully into many varied career fields and environments, making this an exciting and rewarding career option.


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