The City Is Not for Everyone!

Have you ever felt alone even if you live in a metropolis with more than 7 million other people? I am sure some of you have, at least once! We all look for recognition, rewards, money, fame and so on, and most of us start their search in large cities or metropolis, where the fervent limelight's blinds us, where days are shorter and life runs faster than anywhere else on the planet, and also where you give a lot and others take away a lot more than what you can give.

When you get there for the first time you feel you've reached the promised land. Where everything is possible, well...almost everything. A place where you live your life like in a movie; surrounded by beautiful things, beautiful people, fantastic job opportunities that will make you earn lots of money and fulfill all your needs.

Cities are built to gather as many people as possible, let them grow individually, to educate them, to teach them to co-operate with others and to behave in accordance with the system's rules. So all we've done is built a human hierarchical chain of production in a big tin, and not in the sense that we produce better human beings in olive oil, but in the sense that we have made ourselves subordinates to someone or something else.

The city deceits you, it gives you the fake idea that you are one in a million, but the reality is that you are one among a million of other individuals that want the same things you want, does the same things you do and its systems work on a first arrives first served basis! It destroys the free-minded and turns them into machines, a bit like the one I am using to write this article. We are programmed, sometimes rebooted if we malfunction, than we are upgraded or downgraded, depending on regulations or on someone's moods and then discarded if "things don't go well financially for the economy". It destroys individualism, and I am not talking about the definition of "egoism or egocentrism", but I am talking about the social theory based "in favor of freedom of action for individuals over collective or state control" and not vice versa. It changes human natural habitat and behaviors. We now live in pretty boxes called flats, apartments or studio flats that are smaller than my mother's bathroom, surrounded by things we don't really need and go to the gym even if we don't want to go.

My answer to all this is thanks, but no thanks! I have done my bit and gained my experience of the city and this is why I say that "the city is not for everyone!"


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