How to Homeschool Your Kids Through the Really Bad Weather This Winter

In the winter months when snow storms rage and it becomes impossible to travel long distances to workor to school. The severity of the weather has forced parents and children to and create their own temporary homeschool at home.

Valuable time doesn't have to be wasted

Being coped up at home because of the weather does not mean that valuable time doesn't have to be wasted. On the contrary, many companies allow their staff to work from home for part or in certain cases, all week. So a Mom or Dad could 'home school' children whose school has been closed due to heavy snowfall.

An Invaluable Resource

The availability of the internet, especially a high-speed wireless broadband connection, in many homes these days can a real life-saver. Any parent knows that to be able to be able to concentrate fully on a work project the kids must be totally occupied.

Allowing them to vegetate by watching TV or playing computer games may be of the easiest thing to do, but this could prove counter- productive, when faced with the possibly of being at home for a week or even two. A daily programme of structured learning activities and structured 'down- time', is the only way to circumvent frustration and boredom for everyone concerned.

Draw up a simple timetable

Make this time with your children a time to talk about specific the topics they are doing at school, and together draw up a timetable that assigns time to work on these activities. For younger children morning activities should include a Numeracy and a Literacy worksheet that is based on what they have already done in school.

For older children they could work on the Math or English assignment that they have started or are about to start in school iis more suitable.

Create a win-win experience

The internet is a goldmine of educational resources for all ages. Do a Google search to find free downloadable worksheets that matches the age of your children and covers the exact topic they are studying. Also make use of some of the many online number and Word games. They are fun, and help children to apply what they have learnt. Go to your child's official school website it will usually have a list of approved sites and other resources that you can use.

Older children can use the internet to do detailed project research. They can even go to the e-learning platform used by their school log in, and complete and submit assignments, do online revision, and also communicate with their teachers. Parents may be able to remotely access their office computer, email their colleagues and keep up to date with their professional duties, and meet any pressing project deadlines despite being forced to work from home.
Your 'home school' timetable should include break times and a time for lunch where everyone (parent and kids) can sit, chat and eat together, before getting back to work.


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