The International "Fahne" Of The Kingdom Of Belgium

Europe counts quite a few countries that fly uniquely designed flags produced using the best in flagpole and flag technology. Interestingly, Europe counts many flags that are tricolor type flags. The Belgian flag is one such banner, but so is the national flag of the France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and a few more. Since a few languages are spoken in Belgium, the Belgium flag is also referred to (in these languages) as "de national banier of vlag van Belgie" or the "Flagge Belgiens," German for Belgian flag.

Since the national banner of Belgium is a tricolor flag, it shows three colors on three equally sized vertical stripes or bands. Many have said that the Belgian flag design resembles that of the banner of France. Every so often one can observe the national flag of France flown from a flagpole in areas surrounding the border shared by France (on the south) and Belgium. This flag displays the colors; red, white and blue (hoist side).

Interestingly, the Belgian flag as flown from flag poles in modern times has unique proportions. The 13:15 being the most unique but is not displayed often. The most common proportion shown and attached to Belgian flagpoles, which is 2:3. No one can really tell where the 13:15 ration originated.

Like other flags of Europe, the naval version of the Belgium flag or banner is slightly different than the national banner as attached to residential and commercial flagpoles. The naval version of this flag displays the 3 national colors of Belgium in a satire, on a white background. A black colored crown above crossed cannons on the top and a black colored anchor at the bottom. This flag came into existence some 60 years ago, during the early years of the 50-s, shortly after the re-organization of the Belgian Navy.

Flags and banners of different countries for use with a flagpole are made available for purchase at suppliers throughout the world. Note that each country has its own code with regards to etiquette. Those living outside their country of origin need to pay careful attention as to how to fly their own national banner with that of the country they reside in from their residential flag poles.


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