The Three Tyrants - Bully Archetypes

In the old days bullying was a bizarre culture taken lightly, if not completely tolerated. There seems to be an adherence to the philosophy that the strong must conquer the weak. This is exactly the kind of ideology that breeds oppression in every facet of society we live in. As times changed, institutions always reformed and changes in civil conduct have often been for the better. It has been thus understood that the very reason as to why bullies get away with what they want is because the stooges, intentionally or not, have allowed themselves to be victimized. Throughout history, people always stand up to tyranny. The lessons brought by these heroes defining these legacies educate young generation in their schools. It is here that some of the strong and quick-witted young ones have learned at the earliest that one ought to stand up to them and put them in their place.

First rule of the ancient code of the Art of Warstates that one should, "know thyself, and know thy enemy, then a hundred engagements would be victorious." There are three types of bully archetypes and these are the following:

I. The Dumb Brute

A dumb brute very much explains itself literally. You see a lot of these types in movies featuring a huge barrel-chested individual with poor logic and speech command. However, for the purpose of this article we should not limit to the description of what we can immediately perceive. More than it's literal meaning, a dumb brute archetype, regardless of his or her physical attributes, signifies a persons incapability to see more than one perspective. One should expect that due to their poor intelligence and great lack of wisdom, they tend to see things either black or white, but nothing in between. They have extremely poor argumentative skills and when defeated in this area, they either retaliate through tantrums or violent physical outburst. Indeed, their lack of intelligence often seem intolerable to most people. They are great amusement tools to toy around for a cunning individual who wants to put them in their place, and anyone can be creative with punishing them. They are the most common and most benign compared to other bully archetypes.

II. The Narcissist

The most apparent thing about these bully archetypes is that the individuals classified under this persona are very arrogant and conceited. They are so full of themselves and they are willing to demonstrate their dominance over their victims. Unlike Dumb Brutes, the Narcissists have a very high level of charisma and they have a sense of purpose - to show others that they are inferior compared to them. They have beauty or talent or even both in their arsenal, and they illicit public approval in order to torment their victims. But a narcissist, in the eyes of the perceptive and wise, can always be seen as someone being tormented by his or her own insecurity. The one thing they fear the most is that someone else will surpass them. It is their worst nightmare. A narcissist bully can be put into his or her own place if someone explicitly can make him or her feel inferior about one thing.

III. The Archfiend

The arch-fiend is equivalent to someone with a mastermind personality. Compared to the Dumb Brute and the Narcissist, an Archfiend is someone who ought to be watched or kept at bay as much as possible. They are ruthless, especially in terms of mental abuse. They have a fairly high level of intelligence and they really exploit a victim's weak spot. They do not have a misplaced sense of importance like the Narcissist and the only reason why they victimize other is simply because they can get away with it. Their cunning have the makings of Hitler and Rasputin in them. In order to deal with them, one must be prepared for desperate and equally ruthless measures that may go beyond moral decency. These guys are mean enough to ruin one's life. They are sadists and they would never play fair. The very thing that gives them power is the fact that they believe they can get away with everything. It requires taxing dedication and energy to catch them red-handed with nefarious schemes, but it is worth the effort if one is determined to teach them a lesson. Despite their evil, they still fear persecution and judgment. It gets ugly for them if one does not simply chase them for the law, but rather have the law go after their heads.


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