The Fool Proof Entrepreneur's Plan To Escaping the Rat Race

Do you have hopes and dreams of escaping the rat race? You're tired of the same old routine, you know the deal, wake up go to work, come home go to sleep, wake up go to work. Will it ever end? Well, there happen to be a direct formula to escaping the rat race. A formula that top 3% of money earners in the world have learned to master.

When it comes to entrepreneurs thriving in a cash flow business, formulas, processes and systems will maximize cash flow and revenue, but most entrepreneurs who are wet behind the ears seem to neglect this. There is more to escaping the rat race than just saying, I want to start a business.

If I were you, I would follow this process to achieve financial independence as an entrepreneur escaping the rat race.

1. figure out how much money you need.

2. List all of your assets.

3. Dream up every way you can use your assets to make money.

4. Select a method that is proven. Does this method already make money?

5. Verify that others will pay you for the product or service.

6. If all the signs are good, test the idea in the real world

7. Once you are absolutely sure the idea will work, then and only then should you invest significant time and money into the project.

8. If you cannot work out a workable income source, work out a plan to increase your assets.

9. Once you have a plan you are certain will work, work long and hard to make it happen.

10. After you have one steady source of income, look for another source by repeating the steps.

As you can see, when entrepreneurs approach their craft with a plan, a formula, process, or system, escaping the rat race becomes realistic and easy to obtain.


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