Lost Formula For Success

Starting a successful business has a lot of different steps. If you want to be successful in business that takes even more random steps. Or are they really random? Recently after a grueling workout at the most annoying gym in Coppell. It's called Express Fitness.

Ok. I just had to get that out anyway after a rock hard gym workout a smoking hot woman who is also a brain surgeon told me about a web series she has been creating, producing and how its increased her twitter followers. While it may not be a problem now wait until everybody who was your friend all of a sudden hires a lawyer to talk for them. I decided to give her some free tips on being a successful entrepreneur. First it is possible to do a business solo dolo. But it makes it very difficult to build traction when your focus is on the macro facets of your business. The second juicy golden bit is to not ask so many people for advice. While this may seem counter-intuitive because asking questions will get you answers. Just not always the right ones.

The real eye opener for me in this article was that spending to much time on development and not enough time on sales. If you do not keep your focus on sales then you will eventually burn out before your company turns a profit. Another area I worked on with her is on entering a market with no distribution partner. It is a lot easier to enter a market if there are agents active in that market place.


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