Tips for Creating a Yearbook for Home Schooled Kids

One of the sad parts about being home schooled is that you get to miss out on the usual high school experiences that take place in an actual school. If you have been home schooled all your life, there are a lot of social experiences that you may have skipped such as a prom, hanging out with your friends and even a real high school graduation. There are now several ways you can have your own experience with these events. All you need is to organize your own.

You have to know that just because you have been home schooled, there is no reason why you should prohibit yourself from these experiences. One of the easy high school experiences that you can have for yourself is having your own graduation yearbook. This is easy to make, especially if you are familiar with other people who are also being home schooled in your area. Otherwise, you can gather your siblings and invite them to make your own yearbook. Here are the things you need in order to create your own yearbook:

• Have a committee. Gather other home schooled kids who are going to graduate with you. Invite them to gather information about the whole homeschooling experience as well as take lots of pictures.

• Document everything and anything. No matter what experience you have in home school, you should take pictures so that you will be able to post them on your yearbook.

• Include messages and the speeches. If there are any important events, messages, and lectures that you go through, document them. These are the things that will make your homeschooling experience most memorable. And by safekeeping them in your yearbook, you will be able to reminisce about them whenever you want.

• Have the pages printed. As soon as the pages are ready, have them printed by a professional and have the pages bound together. If you don't have the budget for it, you can collect the pages and have them printed on good quality paper. You can then just make a scrapbook on your own.

Your homeschooling should not mean you are different from the other kids. By having your own share of high school experiences, you will be able to enjoy your education as much as the other kids!


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