Necessary Tools to Start Your Gum Removal Business

Chewing gum removal has proven to be a very successful business endeavor for entrepreneurs looking to dive into the cleaning industry. Gum removal business professionals can charge from $.75 to $1.50 per square foot or up to $200 per hour for removing chewing gum wads from sidewalks, driveways, floors, walls, and other surfaces. With the relatively low cost of entry and the lucrative income potential, this business presents a great opportunity.

Included in the relatively low cost of entry is the purchase of the right equipment to complete every job quickly and efficiently. Purchasing high quality, durable chewing gum removing machines when you first start your gum cleaner business will provide many benefits along the road, including minimal maintenance costs, faster cleaner capabilities, reduced wear due to high quality components, and more.

Professionals recommend steam cleaners with included gum cleaner kits as the ideal machines for rapid chewing gum cleaning. In fact, top systems enable operators to eliminate 1000s of chewing gum wads per day from a host of different surfaces. Let's look at the four features that must be considered when buying steam cleaners for your gum removal business.

High Steam Temperatures

High temperature, dry vapor steam output is a necessary feature of steam cleaners for chewing gum removal. With top suppliers offering that machines with temperatures up to 386°F, operators can quickly dissolve stubborn gum residues on contact. The emission of dry vapor steam offers minimal water content, of only 5%, which reduces the amount of water used in cleaning. This allows professionals to boast that their services are eco-friendly.

Gum Dissolving Solutions

Any gum cleaning machine for concrete gum removal or a host of other applications should be paired with a biodegradable gum softening solution. The addition of this chemical works alongside the high temperature steam to readily dissolve the hardest, most challenging gum deposits. In addition, the biodegradable designation goes a long way in ensuring your business remains friendly towards the environment.

Stainless Steel Gum Cleaning Brushes

The best machines include heavy-duty, rugged stainless steel brushes threaded onto the gum tool for maximum strength in agitating and loosening the oldest gum deposits. The price of brushes is also something to consider. While some suppliers offer low-quality, less durable brushes at up to $20 per brush, the industry's best suppliers enable customers to purchase high quality, rugged stainless steel concrete gum removal brushes at a fraction of the cost.

Simultaneous Extraction

No gum cleaning machine is complete without the addition of an attached vacuum. This added feature enables users to simultaneously extract gum residues as they are dissolved for complete removal. In addition, no watery mess is left behind after cleaning. Surfaces are left clean, relatively dry, and gum-free, which will certainly please your customers.

Ultimately, entering the gum removal business can be a lucrative career option for self-starters. By purchasing the right machines and accessories, you can ensure the success of your business and the satisfaction of your customers.


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