Philosophy Of Happiness

People in different walks of life have always been in pursuit of happiness and that pursuit is fueled by our own philosophy of what happiness is all about. For some, happiness is about acquiring the things that they don't have, (e.g. success, pleasures, possessions) while others philosophy of happiness is centered on being contented with what you have at the moment. And that happiness is not purely emotion rather it is a by-product of positive thinking.

Philosophy refers to the things that you strongly believe in. It is the values and belief system that empowers you to become the person that you dreamed to be. And your philosophy of happiness is as vital as your other creeds in life because happiness is one of the influential factors why we do what do.

Sometimes our philosophy towards happiness is crowded by the misconception that in order for us to be happy we should regard our happiness as our primary goal and ambition in life. But what we don't realize is that happiness is not a destination rather it is the art of being happy regardless of what your circumstances are. Happiness is more than just a philosophy. Happiness is the attitude of the heart and mind despite the ups and downs of life.

Positive attitude is the cheapest yet significant channel for happiness. Our philosophy of happiness should be grounded by optimism and not by selfish ambition or vain conceit. A philosophy is simply a perception instilled in the mind and it will only make a difference if you apply and practice that philosophy in your everyday living.


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