A Sexual Philosophy

In regards to a sexual philosophy, many people have various reasons for following whatever it is they may believe in. Morals and belief systems are based off our past experiences and interactions we've had throughout our lives. Things happen to us that help shape and mold our philosophy on not just sex, but life too. My basic philosophy on sex is that it exists because we are human and humans are made to procreate and sex is the most basic form of doing our jobs that a higher authority has granted us. Without it, none of us would be here today. Sex is animalistic. It doesn't take a lot of time for people to know if they want or would have sex with somebody. By nature we are sexual beings and subsequently many sex driven emotions are etched in our genetic makeup since man was created.

I find it funny that everything in society we find that makes people happy, gives us some type of pleasure or stimulation, or put you in a state of euphoria, we simply put a law on it and go about our day. We've done it to drugs, movies, food, and pretty soon sex will be rationed off by the government as well. Many believe that sex is sacred just like cows are to some people and cats are to others, but we still eat hamburgers and run over and kick furry felines every day. I believe that sex is a tool and everyone is their own architect. We can use that tool to build, control, manipulate, and add or take away importance to relationships between people or it can be used to demolish all relational connections between those who utilize it in the wrong way. And yes, some people like to build more than others. I think sex is like the "funny" guy in a group of friends. Everybody likes to be around him and they enjoy his company, but as we get older the jokes stop being funny and you want something different in your life. It's during this phase of maturing and searching for "more", whatever that may be, that we start to view sex as more than a task, a ritual, a fun time, and start viewing it as a gift that two or more (polygamy) people share within a relationship that can only reinforce sensuality and intimacy shared within that group.


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