Instant Criminal History Check

A criminal history search is very important in today's society. When a criminal history check is preformed it will report all of the person's criminal history. You will be able to determine if the person is a respectable and honest individual. They are very useful when you are trying to employ someone and they can assist you in making an informed decision. It is recommended that you perform a statewide and national criminal history search to ensure that you get accurate and up to date information.

There are several websites that you can access on the internet to get a criminal background check. The average price is around thirty to forty dollars and in most cases you can get the results in as little as one minute. It will take around forty eight hours to get the nationwide check and it can be delivered to your email in box electronically. The Federal Bureau of Investigations, or FBI, allows you to find criminal records that include sexual offenses. You can do this by going to their website and requesting an information packet on "Criminal History Checks."

To perform a criminal history check you will need the applicants' full legal name including any suffixes such as Jr. or Sr. You will also need to get the applicants current address, date of birth and social security number and a copy of their state issued ID or drivers license. It is recommended that you obtain a release form that authorizes you to conduct the search on the individual.

Once you run the background check and get the results, you will be able to read any violations that have been committed by the offender since the age of eighteen. Unfortunately, you will not be granted access to view any offenses that were committed by the applicant before the age of eighteen. All juvenile records are sealed and can only be opened by a federal judge.

A criminal background search is relatively inexpensive and can even save you money in the long run. You don't want someone with a history of theft working in your home or office and you don't want someone with a history of rape or murders anywhere near you or your family.


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