Vision to Succeed


We all want to succeed; at least most of us!

This is a test that can determine how you go after the vision you need to succeed in life. It is very important to know where you are on the life wheel, which includes things like material needs, spiritual needs, psychological needs, physical needs, mental needs, and so much more. If we are not "balanced" in our life wheel, something will seem amiss.

The wheel helps you consider each area of your life in turn and assess what's off balance. And so, it helps you identify areas that need more attention.

Circle: Career, Money, Physical, Personal Growth, Health, Friends/Family, Romance, Fun and Recreational.

What is missing? 3 things we do:

1) Deny things we want
2) Tolerate things that don't work
3) Not giving time for things in life that need attn.

We have learned that success is measured by money. We succeed by growing.

We must stop living in fear. Decide what we want out of our life. We must get rid of our "inner critic" (could have a whole committee) Also called Monkey Mind. This is the way they think!

Rate yourself: 10 very satisfied being 10. Now, figure out where you need to work on! Good Luck!

• Only one or two choices or no choice at all.
• Black and white or either/or thinking
• Decision making based on fear
• I should or I have to versus I want to
• Acceptance that this is the way the world is
• Breathing is constricted, chest tight.

Ask someone who truly loves you to see if you "are a fit" for Monkey Mind!!!!

Exercise: Stand up: "I should....." Then I want." You will be neutralizing your inner critic. Begin by noticing, observing - Choose a perspective, make a choice, notice our story, have fun, use intuition, honor your values. Get facts - consult a trusted friend


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