Mental Health Disorders on the Rise Again

There has been much talk about the mental disorder issue in the United States. Even President Obama has discussed it, and yet I wonder if there's really a huge mental disorder problem in the United States, or if perhaps the massive amount of stress, and new paradigm of online social networking is just bringing it out in the open more. Let's go ahead and discuss this for a moment, because as the coordinator for a think tank, which operates online I believe it's a serious issue that deserves some dialogue here.

According to a very interesting article with all the research data to back it up in Science News Magazine published on October 10, 2009 titled; "In the News - Mental Disorders More Widespread than Estimated - Study comes as Psychiatrists Reevaluate Diagnostic Manual," By Bruce Bower - it seems that disorders are the norm, and most everyone has at least one, according to psychologists. Psychiatrists agree and that's rather unfortunate considering they have the ability to prescribe pharmaceuticals isn't it?

The article also suggests that perhaps, all of these disorders which we are now able to label are not Disorders at all, but rather different ways the human brain can't think. If we go out of our way to call everything other than a mild bland personality - a disorder, then we deny what it is to be human. And in that case perhaps we are making a mistake with all this. And I'd like to point out that we already have too many pharmaceuticals in our educational system, too many people that have been labeled ADHD, and it seems we are not approaching these issues correctly.


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